Excited to share the dramatic new trailer for The Saga of Doc Holliday! And is that a familiar voice doing the narration?

The Saga of Doc Holliday

Southern Son
Dance with the Devil
Dead Man's Hand

Before he was a Western legend, he was a Southern son. Before Tombstone & the O.K. Corral, he was a Texas outlaw. Before he was “Doc” he was John Henry Holliday, and his life story was epic. The best-selling, award-winning historical novel trilogy, now from TwoDot Books. Click on the books to explore the world of Doc Holliday, watch a trailer, or read sample chapters.

My Story

Southern Son

Doc Holliday, Margaret Mitchell and Me

This is the story of a house, and a family, and a legacy, and a legend. It’s also the story of Margaret Mitchell and Gone With the Wind, of Wyatt Earp and the OK Corral. But mostly it’s the story of a boy named John Henry Holliday. And it all started with a house. > Read More

Featured Story:

Designing Doc Holliday

Designing Doc Holliday
Designing Doc Holliday >> Here

Doc Holliday Stories

Doc Holliday
Talking Doc!
Why Doc Holliday Killed Johnny Ringo in “Tombstone”
Why Doc Holliday Went West
Doc Holliday: Before the Legend

The Mysterious Dr. Holliday of Dodge

Doc Holliday’s Family Affair
Doc Holliday & Dr. Long: Bringing Life to a Legend
Doc Holliday and the Ghost of Ed Bailey
Graves in the Garden – Doc Holliday’s Family & The Civil War
Fire and Ice: Doc Holliday in Philadelphia
The Face Behind the Fireplace
I’m Your Huckleberry
Bringing Doc Holliday Home
Tuscon, Trainyards, and Festival Tents
Haunted by History
Doc’s Last Cold Days
Doc’s Holliday in New Orleans
Doc Holliday’s Florida Getaway
Searching for Doc’s Grave
St. Louis and the Southern Son
An Irish Blessing
Roads to Tara
Haunting the Holliday House
Sunset for a Southern Lady
Dancing with Doc Holliday and Rhett Butler