Dance with the Devil: Book Two of the Saga of Doc Holliday

Dance with the Devil

The American Wild West, 1873: Jesse James and his gang are robbing trains, the Sioux Indians are on the warpath, and John Henry Holliday arrives in Texas as a young man with a troubled past hoping to regain his place as a Southern gentleman. 

So begins Dance with the Devil, the second volume of The Saga of Doc Holliday. Born in the last days of the Old South and raised to be a Southern gentleman, John Henry Holliday has already faced the challenges of Civil War and Reconstruction, of first love and teenage rebellion and the beginning of a professional career. But when a violent encounter changes everything, he is sent running far from his Georgia home.Now he’s trying to remake his career in the cattle town of Dallas, and win back the respect of his family and the love of the girl he left behind. But his life in Texas doesn’t turn out the way he’s planned, and soon he’s in trouble with the law and learning a terrifying truth about himself. When desperation drives him toward the frontier and leads to deadly action, John Henry is once again running for his life.

Hiding from the law and his own demons, he takes on a new identity in the mile-high city of Denver. But stubborn Southern honor sends him back to Texas to make another try at life as a gentleman, until he learns that the past he longed for is gone forever. And as the story races from the gambling halls of Dallas to the saloons of Dodge City and the dangers of the Santa Fe Trail, he finds a new love affair and a new hero to follow – and an old enemy eager for a reckoning.

Dance with the Devil is the story of a how a gentleman becomes an outlaw, how an outlaw becomes a lawman, and how a Southern son named John Henry becomes a legend called Doc Holliday.

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Map of Texas Cattle Country 1875
Santa Fe Trail Interactive Trail Map

Map of Fort Griffin
Map of Texas by the Texas & Pacific Rail Line, 1878 (zoomable)
Galveston Island 1870’s
Brenham, Texas

Trinidad, Colorado

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