“Victoria was FANTASTIC! She added such interest and vibrant energy to our event. As I walked around during our breaks, I found little knots of people talking about her wonderful presentation. She makes for great buzz. I very much look forward to following Victoria’s career and reading everything she writes.” – Paul Moses, President of Rome Area Writers

“Victoria’s generosity of spirit and her extremely well-done keynote and workshop presentations were truly impressive. I have never seen someone so well prepared and so able to engage with her audience as a whole and with individual writers as well. We loved her.” – Carol Crawford, Conference Coordinator, Blue Ridge Writers’ Conference

~ “Marvelous. Interesting. Enlightening. Wonderful.”
~ “Wonderful! Top notch! Entertaining, informative, inspirational”
~ “The most dynamic, inspiring keynote I can remember hearing. Fabulous, fantastic, far out! Also the workshop was exactly what I needed.”
~ “Excellent – exuberant, polished & funny.”
~ “Great energy, knowledge, and presentation.”
~ “Incredible! She is captivating, inspiring, and encouraging.”
~ “Excellent! Loved the history, the encouraging, and the way she spoke and how she inspired us. My favorite keynote so far!”
~ “Excellent speaker! Very well organized, funny and inspirational. I also learned some most interesting history. Great anecdotes.” – Attendee comments, Conference Coordinator, Blue Ridge Writers’ Conference