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Southern Son Cast of Characters   Robert Alexander Holliday (John Henry’s Grandfather): Farmer and tavern keeper in Fayetteville, Georgia.

Henry Burroughs Holliday 
(John Henry’s Father): Veteran of the Creek Indian and Mexican Wars, Major in the Confederate States Army.  Marries Alice Jane McKey Holliday of Indian Creek Plantation.
Martha Eleanora Holliday
(John Henry’s Sister): Died as a baby before John Henry was born, buried in Rest Haven Cemetery in Griffin, Georgia

    Francisco E’dalgo: Mexican orphan boy raised by Henry Holliday.  Lives with his wife Martha on a farm in Jenkinsburg, Georgia

    Robert Kennedy “Rob” Holliday (John Henry’s Uncle): Captain Quartermaster in Confederate States Army, later baggage master on the Macon and Western Railroad in Jonesboro, Georgia.  Marries Mary Anne Fitzgerald and converts to Catholicism.

    Martha Ann “Mattie” Holliday (John Henry’s Cousin): Oldest daughter of Uncle Rob Holliday and Mary Anne Fitzgerald.  Attends Catholic convent school in Savannah during the War.

    Lucy, Theresa, Roberta, Catherine, and Marie Holliday: Mattie’s younger sisters.

    James Robert “Jim Bob” Holliday: Mattie’s little brother, born while the family is refugeed to Henry Holliday’s farm during the War.  Nickname suggested by John Henry.

    Dr. John Stiles Holliday (John Henry’s Uncle): Medical doctor in Fayetteville and later Atlanta.  Married to Permelia Ellen Ware who sometimes acts as his nurse.

    Robert Holliday (John Henry’s Cousin): Son of Dr. John Stiles Holliday.  Closest cousin in age to John Henry, they are childhood friends and rivals.

    George Holliday: Older brother of Robert Holliday.  Attends military boarding school during the War, and later marries an Atlanta socialite.

    Johnny Holliday: Younger brother of Robert Holliday.

    Rachel Martin (John Henry’s Stepmother): Second wife of Henry Burroughs Holliday

Southern Son  

William Land McKey (John Henry’s Grandfather):  Owner of Indian Creek Plantation near Jackson, Georgia.  Married to Jane Cloud whose wealthy family owned the Stone Mountain.

Alice Jane McKey (John Henry’s Mother): Oldest daughter of wealthy plantation owner William Land McKey and Jane Cloud.  Refined wife of Henry Burroughs Holliday of Griffin, Georgia, where John Henry is born. 

    Jonathan Leval McKey (John Henry’s Uncle): Oldest son of William Land McKey.  Goes west to Texas before the War. 

    William Harrison McKey (John Henry’s Uncle): Son of William Land McKey.  Injured in battle during the War.  Owns Banner Plantation in Hamilton County, Florida with his brothers.

    Dr. James Taylor McKey (John Henry’s Uncle): Son of William Land McKey.  A medical doctor in Georgia and Florida.

    Thomas Sylvester McKey (John Henry’s Uncle): Son of William Land McKey.  Serves in a Macon military hospital during the War.  Has a cabin on family property alongside the Withlacoochee River near Valdosta, Georgia.

    Margaret, Ella, and Helena McKey (John Henry’s Aunts):  Daughters of William Land McKey and Jane Cloud.  Live with Henry Burroughs Holliday as their guardian after their father dies. Margaret marries Confederate soldier Billy Wylie on Christmas Day, 1864.

Southern Son  

Mary Anne Fitzgerald (John Henry’s Aunt): Wife of Robert Kennedy Holliday and mother of Mattie Holliday.  Daughter of Irish parents James Fitzgerald and Anne O’Carew, she inherits a gold Claddaugh ring that is passed down to Mattie.

Phillip Fitzgerald: Irish uncle of Mary Anne Fitzgerald.  Owns Rural Home Plantation near Jonesboro, used as a headquarters by the Yankees during the War. Family story says that when the Yankees left, all that remained of the beautiful furnishings were Phillip’s wife Eleanor McGahon’s green velvet drapes hanging in the parlor windows.  As Great-grandfather of Margaret Mitchell, he is said to be the model for Gerald O’Hara in Gone With the Wind, and his wife the model for Miss Ellen O’Hara whose green velvet drapes become Scarlett O’Hara’s green velvet dress.

    Anne Elizabeth “Annie” Fitzgerald: Daughter of Phillip Fitzgerald and cousin to Mattie Holliday.  Once the belle of Jonesboro, she marries Captain John Stephens and moves to Atlanta during the War.  She is said to be the model for Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind, written by her granddaughter Margaret Mitchell.

    Mary Isabella “Maybelle” Fitzgerald: Baby daughter of Annie Fitzgerald and Captain John Stephens.  Becomes the mother of Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone With the Wind.

    Sarah Fitzgerald: Daughter of Phillip Fitzgerald and cousin to Mattie Holliday.  She has a crush on John Henry and never marries.  It is her stories which fill Margaret Mitchell’s novel.

Southern Son Cast of Characters  

Sophie Walton: Maid in the home of Dr. John Stiles Holliday

Dr. Lucian Frink: Dentist in Valdosta, Georgia

Professor S.M. Varnedoe
: Together with his sisters Miss Sallie and Miss Lila, runs the town’s first school, the Valdosta Institute.

Sam Griffith:
Schoolmate of John Henry at the Valdosta Institute.  Father owns Griffith’s General Store.

    Corinthea Morgan: Schoolmate of John Henry at the Valdosta Institute.  Later his dental patient and hopeful sweetheart. 

    Jack Calhoun, Alex Darnell, Ben Smith, J.J. Rambo: Town boys of Valdosta who call themselves the “Vigilantes.”

    Dick Force: Confederate Soldier, hero of the boys of Valdosta.

    Major William Bessant: Attorney and leading citizen of Valdosta.

    J.W. Clift: Yankee Congressman campaigning in the Southern states.

    Christina Schrenk: Landlady of a Philadelphia boarding house.

    Jameson Fuches and William DeMorat: Students at the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery.

    Tante: Jameson Fuches’ elderly aunt in St. Louis, Missouri.

    Dr. Homer Judd: St. Louis dentist and preceptor to Jameson Fuches.

    Hyrum Neil: Gambler on the Levee in St. Louis.

    Kate Fisher: Actress at the Comique Variety Theater in St. Louis.

    Silas Melvin: Varieties follower courting Kate Fisher.

    Dr. Arthur C. Ford: English dentist, served in the Confederate States Army before opening a practice in Atlanta.

    Lee Smith: Saloon owner in Atlanta.

    N.G. Phillips: Liquor store owner in Griffin, Georgia.

    Doc Whitehead: Medical doctor at Indian Springs, Georgia.

    Father Duggan: Priest at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Atlanta.