Reviews Cynthia Bohannon-Brown

Cynthia Bohannon-Brown, M.Ed.

“The Georgia Writers Association’s December workshop was abuzz on Saturday, thanks to Victoria Wilcox, author of Southern Son: The Saga of DOC Holliday trilogy. Through technical difficulties and an unconventional beginning, Wilcox maintained her composure and held attendees spell-bound. She delivered her message with the genuine zeal of a passionate writer, as she filled the room with an extra boost of energy. Wilcox seemed hell – bent on increasing the ranks of traditionally published authors in our area. She shared insightful stories and humorous cartoons, as if any of that was needed to transition through the wealth of information packed neatly into her presentation. She kept with the purpose of the meeting, at a steady pace, moving all who wished to follow just a little closer to the reality of becoming a published author. If aspiring writers follow Wilcox’s well-designed plan, they just may find themselves doing a celebratory “happy dance” into 2016!”